About Lewis

Lewis is equally at home with left brain and right brain activities.

Lewis’ academic training is in accounting and law. He has worked for accounting and law firms and in house as chief financial officer and general counsel.
Lewis started meditating when he was 17 and has taught meditation for two different nonprofit organizations. He has attended two six-month meditation retreats in Europe and has traveled to India four times.

Since 1994, Lewis has been involved with men’s weekends and weekly men’s circles. His men’s work has centered on helping men take bold action and simultaneously cultivate emotional literacy.

Lewis is a certified relationship coach for singles and couples. He is also a certified Jack Canfield success principles coach.

Lewis has been an avid student of self improvement and success principles since 1983. Lewis’ day always includes at least an hour a day of self improvement/success/spirituality reading and listening to a variety of music including rock/country/Latin/New Age. Lewis is the father of two adult children and the grandfather of two adorable girls.

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