A great martial arts teacher once said, “There are only two forms of defeat. The first form of defeat is to not try. The second form is to not try again after having failed. Success and failure are not very important. You will meet them equally in life. What is of primary importance to living is to remain undefeated.”  I know that there are many people out there who feel that asking for help is a form of defeat.  In reality, asking for help when and where you need it most is usually the surest method of achieving success.

People in every walk of life enjoy the benefits of personal development coaches; it’s not just for professional athletes, singers, and movie stars anymore.  Whatever interest or field of expertise you can imagine-somebody somewhere can help you get better at what you do.  Thanks to technology, we can now connect with one another and share knowledge as we never have before.  The information and resources we have available at a click are a tremendous asset in this journey but the ability to convey deep wisdom or affect a lasting influence on the development of personal habits-cannot be tweeted or blogged into being.  Any meaningful process of personal transformation will require commitment, patience, and practice in order to bear fruit.  Don’t expect to find a quick fix through coaching.  There are, however, a few things that you can expect if you decide to commit to developing a coaching relationship with me.

  • Expect to move forward. I’m here to support you in charting of course of action and following through.  
  • Expect to discover your own truth. It is not important what I think about you or what I want you to do.  I cannot live your life for you or tell you who you should be.  I am just a man with some special tools and skills who is willing to help you build your own unique vision of authenticity. 
  • Expect to be held accountable. Whatever commitment you make to yourself, you can break without too much hassle from your conscience. When, however, someone else is watching, actively charting your progress, and honestly concerned about the outcome of your effort, you are more likely to achieve your goals.
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